Intruders Beware! The World’s Toughest Guard Dogs

MEET the world’s toughest guard dogs worth up to $100,000. Leedor Borlant is the owner and lead trainer of Hull-based ‘Protection Dogs Worldwide’.

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The typical watchdog for many is a German shepherd dog. There are several breeds that guard and protect. The training as a watchdog takes some time. It is better to invest time in training than to buy a “finished” guard dog.

Guard dogs: characteristics and tasks

Watchdogs have always had the task of protecting properties, their inhabitants and also herds of cattle against burglars or other intruders.

Among the typical characteristics of suitable breeds are

  • Attention
  • Intelligence and
  • Distrust of strangers.

Especially for remote properties they are often used. They indicate possible dangers by barking.

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But a guard dog will not automatically meet all their needs. In order for him to do exactly what they expect him to do, a guard dog needs

  • a good training
  • an experienced hand and
  • a consistent upbringing.

Usually such breeds are not very suitable for beginners.