Why Was New Mexico Mother Accused Of B****** Puppies To Punish Kids?

A mother in New Mexico decides to punish her children, but their family dog takes all the pain. Don’t watch the video below, if you are a sensitive dog lover!!

– Mothers are supposed to be the care-provider for their children.
– This mother from New Mexico is an abusive dog owner.
– When this abusive mother wants to punish her kids, she uses the family dog as an example.

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Harsh is an understatement when describing an abusive mother from New Mexico, who is known to beat and maltreat her kids when they don’t follow as she wishes them to do… aside from the kids, their family dog is also a common subject of maltreatment.

Many witnesses can attest to how cruel and dangerous this woman is who just recently killed their family pet by boiling it in front of her children. According to an interview, the suspect did such a horrific act as a form of punishment to her kids.

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Investigations revealed that this was not the first time that the abuse took place at home – towards the kids and towards the family dog.

The woman is now in police custody. Very unfortunately though, the family dog is dead and no amount of punishment to the woman can ever bring back the poor dog’s life.

Read the full news report here – https://www.independent.co.uk.