Can Dog Eat Orange ( Video )

Can dogs eat orange and are dogs allowed to eat oranges? Oranges are the most popular citrus fruits that Europeans know and import. Orange juice tastes delicious, especially at an extensive breakfast with warm rolls and boiled eggs. The fruits themselves can usually be snacked between meals or added to delicious salads without hesitation.

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But are dogs allowed to eat oranges? You can find out here what the tolerance of oranges is like for dogs.

Advantages and disadvantages of oranges

Basically, dogs are allowed to eat oranges, but there are a few things to consider.

Oranges must be ripe to be tolerated by the dog. While we humans can deal with not quite ripe fruit in the gastrointestinal tract, unripe fruit has more serious consequences for the faithful quadruped.

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Oranges contain many minerals and vitamins. Especially the vitamins A, B6, B12, C and D make the orange a real superfood. But like all other citrus fruits, oranges contain a lot of acid. Too much of the acid from citrus fruits can lead to stomach and intestinal problems in dogs.

How to feed your dog oranges

If the oranges are unsprayed, you can feed your dog the fruit together with the white skin and peel. To check whether the orange is really ripe, you should first try the fruit yourself. If it tastes as expected, a treat is safe for your pet.

To ensure that the dog can benefit to the maximum from the valuable plant and ingredient substances, it is a good idea to puree the orange.

Pure orange puree is a pure orange mash, which breaks down the ingredients and has a higher bioavailability, so it is better absorbed by the dog’s organism. This also applies to humans, by the way, but we can eat more oranges and therefore do not have to pay attention to the bio-availability of fruit, since we eat two handfuls of fruit a day anyway.

Important: Always ask your vet, before take action!