If Only Dogs Could Talk

labrador retriever talking with talk bubble


~ Equality does not exist in the dog world

~ Dogs do not like hugs

~ Tails can tell you what dogs feel

~ A dog’s nose is powerful







Dog Pack

Equality does not apply to dogs. In dog culture,  there is a hierarchy of power and control in a dog pack. Each member has their ranking and place in the group and a leader commands the pack.

No hugs

Humans show affection and love by hugging. Unfortunately, that is not the case in the dog’s world. Dog owners may not like this but the truth is, our furry friends actually do not like hugs.

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In fact, these pooches consider such gestures as play-fighting. So if you notice your little pooch moving away from you or shaking its fur after all those cuddles, do not feel betrayed or devastated. You can show love to them in dog-approved ways.

How to show affection to dogs without hugging

If your dogs love exercise, they will surely adore you more if you give them extra walks. Or they can just enjoy your company when you are calm and relaxed.

Do the hug test

See your dogs’ reaction when you suddenly hug them. Here are some questions to help you:

Did they honestly like it?

What was their first reaction?

Were they struggling to get away or too trapped to move?

What were they trying to do?

Did they lick you continuously, try to mouth your hand, or jump on you?

Tail signs

Dogs show respect and know who’s boss when their tails are low. On the other hand, it is a different story if their tails are high as this indicates they feel dominant over you.

close up of a dog's nose 

 Dog’s nose knows

Thanks to their powerful sense of smell, dogs can tell whether you are nervous, happy, sad, or stressed. This superpower has the ability to detect chemicals that humans and other animals release (from sweat and breath). What’s more amazing is that since their noses are highly sensitive, even a single drop of liquid or a teaspoon of sugar in Olympic size pools can send your dog’s nose to work. So don’t be surprised if you see your best friend’s immediate reaction without you saying a word.

Dogs may not be able to talk our language. But surely the bond between pet owners and their dogs has strengthened their relationship and over the years, both have formulated a way to communicate with each other. This is what we call love.