Why Doggie Nearly Passes Out From Overwhelming Joy? ( Video )

Its almost unbelievable! But the video below has over 53,579,410 ( 53.5 Mio ) views. Dogs are friendly creatures. At times they get delighted when they satisfy their humans. They like romping with both individuals and also other animals.

Emily writes in the video comments:
I need someone to love me as much as this dog πŸ’– loves her owner.

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However as her sensations get the better of her, and also she reaches be subdued with delight, little Casey blacks out, losing consciousness before her

Ehalt kisses her pooch with affection. The man raises its up, accepts it and also smiles.Β They both laugh as well as stare at the pooch with love. Casey loosens up in the arms of her human and also the couple is remarkably joyous.