How Much Is My Dog Worth?

Dogs come into our lives in different ways – probably given as a gift or purchased from a pet shop.

– Every pet is special, there’s a story behind how they came into being part of your life.
– A pet dog’s worth increases over time.
– The longer they are part of the family, the more precious and valuable they become to its owner.

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When we compute a person’s net worth, it usually involves the fact of how “useful” a person will be for incoming years. It depends if the person’s net value will depreciate or appreciate. Same with our pets, like the dogs, they also have their own net value.

Each dog’s life is precious to its owners and they also have a huge asset of being very useful or productive for the coming years.

Thus, according to experts, every dog is worth approximately $10,000. This value is crazily huge to some people, but surprisingly some people would claim that their dog’s life means so much more than this value, actually.

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