The Pyrenean Mountain Dog ( Video )

Anneka meets one of the largest flock guardians in the world – The Pyrenean Mountain Dog or the Great Pyrenees. This giant mastiff runs at hikers to defend his flock, as well as chases off wolves and bears.

Viva writes in the comments:
Imagine how big their heart would be and how much they can love… I’m crying:(

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Pyrenean mountain dog

The impressive Pyrenean mountain dog was already known in the Middle Ages. Gaston Phoebus documented its existence already in the 14th century.

As with all white shepherd dog breeds, the origin of the Pyrenean Mountain Dog seems to be found in the Molossian and Bronze Dog. According to tradition, in the Middle Ages, shepherds drove large herds of cattle from Hungary to the South of France and so the Hungarian Kuvasz can also be counted among his ancestors.

Originally kept as an indispensable guard and protector of the herds in the mountains of the Pyrenees as a pure shepherd dog, this strong white giant was first mentioned in documents as a guard of castles in the 15th century and became a valued social dog in the 17th century.

His presence at the court of Louis XIV may well have been beneficial to his prominence. Temporarily fallen into oblivion, the increasing tourism in the Pyrenees helped this highly visible dog