Labrador Stuck In A Wombat Hole for 3 days – Dog Rescue

A dog got stuck in a backyard and was rescued after 3 days.

– It was an ordinary day in a family home when a dog went out the backyard and discovered a huge hole.
– The family had no idea that the hole existed in their own property.
– It was such a deep wombat hole that it took hours before the dog was extracted from it.

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It wasn’t an easy wait… everyone in the family was so anxious and excited to get their dog out of the deep wombat hole. The curious dog had encountered an unfortunate accident which resulted very badly for the poor dog.

It took days before the entrapped dog was found trapped inside the dark and cold hole, with no food and water. A dog rescue ensued and with the help of the community, the relieved owners finally got to hug their most beloved pet. The reunion between the dog and its owners was very emotional as you could see the relief on all their faces.

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