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A lost pet dog was stolen because of its popular breed. The feeling of losing a pet dog after being taken away can be heartbreaking to a dog owner. When this happens, it is a dreadful moment of wondering if you could see your precious pup again. If you ever lost a pet dog, most especially if your furry best friend got stolen, you know just how terrifying every single minute goes.

*Originally published on May 12, 2020

– No pet owner would want their pets to get harmed.
– It is a nightmare for any dog owners when they do not know where their pet dogs are.
– Find out how this emotional rollercoaster ended with a dog and its owner.

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Lost pet dog found after months of searching

The dog had been missing for FOUR months, and it was the longest and worst 4 months for its owner. According to reports, someone stole the dog as the pup was tied outside a grocery store. Determined to see her beloved pet again, the owner had since been actively searching everywhere. Aside from seeking help from the police, she had set up a website and offered a reward.  Moreover, the desperate dog owner was going the extra mile just to see her beloved dog again. As a matter of fact, she also had a plane fly the banner for the search website to reach more people. Additionally, her family and friends also provided their support by spreading the information about their search for the missing dog.

The incident happened in San Francisco. Moreover, the authorities said that there have been several other kinds of cases similar, wherein pet dogs of the good breed are being taken away from their homes. It was really a tragedy but thanks to the perseverance and dedication of the owner to find her pet dog again, the lost pet dog was finally reunited with its rightful owner.

This story had a happy ending and the reunion between the stolen dog and its owner was wonderful news indeed.