Why You Do Not Yell At Your Dogs

Do not yell at your dog

Do you sometimes just feel frustrated about your dog’s misbehavior?

– Dogs can sometimes act unusual and they can be disobedient at times too!
– The natural reaction for dog owners is to yell at their dogs.
– However, science argues that yelling at dogs causes their health to deteriorate.

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Dogs are sensitive creatures who just want to be loved and cuddled – I mean, who doesn’t, right? Just like anybody else, dogs don’t like being yelled at too! But the reason goes beyond ego, unlike humans where we tend to hate being yelled at because we feel ashamed. Dogs, on the other hand, just can’t exactly understand our language and the meaning of the things that we are yelling about.

In the end, they can feel your emotions and your frustrations, but they can’t exactly understand why you are mad at them – leaving them feeling bad and clueless at the same time.

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Doctors urge dog owners to stop yelling at their pets because studies show that it is related to a dog’s poor health and overall deterioration.

Read more in this article – https://www.yahoo.com.