The Amazing World Of Guide Dogs!

You’ve probably seen them roaming the streets of your local neighborhood. Guide dogs, they are there to do that their owners can’t and it’s amazing how they are trained to do so.

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– Comparing dogs to other animals, they are indeed a lot smarter and more dedicated.
– Guide dogs have always been popular, especially in the medical field.
– It has been proven that dogs are capable of doing even complicated tasks.

A study was conducted to find out what makes dogs a successful candidate as a guide animal for people with medical needs. Animals that are smart enough to follow instructions are preferred over any other animals, to be more specific, dogs are the perfect candidate!

Why dogs? The main reason for this preference is their loyalty. With this loyalty to their appointed patient, dogs are sure to never leave their post unattended. This guarantees unwavering service to the persons who need them the most.

Dogs need to undergo extensive training before they are certified to become guide dogs. Included in this training is the lifestyle adjustment so that dogs can get used to the day to day activities of their patients.

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