Scientific Explanation Why Dogs Age FASTER Than Humans?

Dogs age faster than humans at around 7 times more, and there is a scientific reason for it.

– Sometimes a dog’s entire life is still too short for its owner.
– A lot of dog owners wish that their pets lived longer than the expected lifespan of dogs.
– Find out the reason why dog years are shorter and what makes dogs age faster than humans?

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One full year for us humans is equivalent to 7 or 10 years in dogs. So what does this imply on the health of our dogs? It means that dogs will age faster than humans. This is sad since it means that dogs are bound to die earlier than humans, in fact, that is the most common scenario.

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Scientifically speaking, the reason why this natural age gap between humans and dogs is real is because of the genes. Dogs have genes that easily mature, that’s why their maturation curve is shorter and that’s why they age faster.

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