Why are dogs so cute?

Four cute cocker spaniel baby dogs

Dogs, especially puppies, are cute and funny

Ever get lost watching endless videos of dogs doing all sorts of things that people find cute and funny? Or if you have pets at home, do you wonder how lucky you are to witness such cuteness every single day? After all, who can resist those big round eyes, adorable nose, fluffy fur and floppy ears. You can’t help but feel the need to cuddle all day.

Cute dog breed bichon frise puppy
Cute and fluffy Bichon Frise

How do dogs know when to be cute?

 For some reason, everything our dog does (or attempts to do) makes us laugh or say “aww”. They seem to know how to brighten our day or put a smile on our faces. A perfect example of unconditional love, our canine best friend gives us undivided attention and never ending affection. This holds true especially when we are sad as their loving presence is more than enough to lift our spirits up. 


Cute dog pug sticking out tongue
Pugs sure know how to make us smile

Science of cute (dog) according to research

It has been found that indeed there is a scientific answer to this puzzling question. It seems that pet owners have a higher chance of finding their own dogs cute and appealing compared to non-pet owners. This is due the fact that these canine friends become an extended and significant part of the family.  

The awesome characteristics of dogs provide the cuteness overload that we see everyday. Add to that, no matter what they do seem to make us laugh or say “aww that’s cute”. These a-dog-able  pooches are definitely the “ultimutt” companion. See what we did there?

Check out today’s dose of baby animal cuteness.

Play Video about Four cute puppies sleeping

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