What Have Dogs And Kids In Common?

Like kids, dogs can be a handful too! If you think having dogs is a small-time responsibility, you better think again.

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– Some people don’t want to have kids.
– Instead of children, a lot of people prefer to have pets instead.
– However, experts want to remind people how similar dogs and kids are!

Having dogs is pretty much like having children. There’s not much difference, to be honest. The amount of responsibility is the same. The amount of expenses is also almost just the same especially if your dogs are well-maintained. The foods, the vitamins, the vet visits, the toys, and all other expenses all build-up to almost similarly caring for a child.

Aside from the financial aspect, caring for dogs is just like caring for kids in terms of discipline and raising them. You need to be strict and firm in order for both – dog and child – to follow you! In short, they have so much in common indeed.

Dogs are not like any other animal in terms of their loyalty and intelligence. Dogs are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet. Raising dogs may not be easy but for most pet owners, it’s definitely worth it!

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