Can Humans Detect What Dog Barks Mean?

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What Dog Barks Mean

What do dog barks really mean? Can humans understand what their dog is trying to say? A dog barking is a way for man’s best friend to communicate with humans aside from their body language and touch. Moreover, it is remarkable how a dog’s evolution and domestication have changed over the years. Over the years, the domesticated animal and their human counterparts formed a special relationship. As a result, both have come to understand how each other thinks or feels even without using the same language.

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Research on the sound patterns of each bark helps us analyze how dogs really communicate. Do dogs have emotions too? Watch as the video below explains how the frequency, tonality, and intervals between the barking sounds reveal what our tail-wagging friends are trying to tell us.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), dogs communicate with humans using their body language and through sounds. Whether your furry friend is barking, howling, growling, or whining, it is simply trying to tell you what it is feeling. By knowing and understanding what each sound means, pet owners can easily detect what is going on with their pets.

Simple and Prolonged Dog Barks

A simple bark can mean your furbaby got confused, irritated, or was caught by surprise. For one thing, they might be trying to say, “Hey, stop it” or “What was that?” or “I don’t understand”.  At the same time, continuous barking can be a signal of danger.

Barking Intervals

The gap between barks can also indicate whether your dog is angry or sad. For instance, longer pauses between barks can mean they don’t want to be left alone and want you to stay with them. On the other hand, brief breaks or constant series of barks may signify fear or defensiveness against an attack or threat.

It does not matter if dogs and their pet owners do not speak the same language. As a matter of fact, what matters most is that the love that they share is the special connection that binds humans and their furry friends.  How about you, can you understand what your dog’s barks mean?

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