What is Puppy Weaning?


Weaning Puppy

Weaning puppy frоm thе mother іѕ а crucial step іn puppy care. The process teaches the puppy to be less dependent on their mother’s milk and care. Then eventually the young pups would transition to solid food or a new home if adopted. However, oftentimes people are unsure when to wean puppies to solid food or how to start weaning puppies. Find out the best way to wean puppies.

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When to wean puppies

When should puppies stop drinking milk? Gradually start weaning puppies at 3 weeks of age as this is the time when the puppies start developing their teeth.  Continue the process until up to 8 weeks.

How to start weaning puppies

Give puppies enough time to transition from their mother’s milk to puppy food. The weaning process is gradual and may last for a few weeks. In saying that, your patience is relatively important to make it successful and stress-free for your puppies.

The first step is to separate the puppies from their mother for a few hours at a time. Secondly, introduce eating in a dish or container.

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Best food for weaning puppies

If you are wondering what to feed weaning puppies, bear in mind that you should feed your pet with suitable puppy food or a gruel (canned or dry puppy food mixed with the recommendation of a 50:50 ratio of water and/or puppy milk). Do not give cow or goat milk. Slowly increase the amount of solid food until they have fully transitioned to the new diet.

What to use for weaning

Use a shallow dish to allow your puppy to feed safely and comfortably. This is particularly important as it serves as a precaution to keep your puppy from drowning.


Weaning is a messy business so be prepared for the craziness it brings. Put a tray or newspaper on the floor or feed your puppy outside for easy clean-up afterward. Alternatively, you can opt to use a Gorilla Grip water-resistant pet feeding mat or Reopet waterproof food pad.

Puppy Weaning Schedule

You should determine the best time to feed your puppy.  Normally the most suitable time to give solid food to your adorable pooch is the moment it wakes up or the usual time it gets hungry. Additionally, warming up the puppy food or offering it with your hand or finger can also help you to introduce weaning easily.


Puppy weaning is an essential process when puppies reach a certain age. As a matter of fact, there is a proper way and right time to wean a puppy from its mother. With your loving care and understanding, your puppy will surely transition well to solid food and become a happy and independent little pup.