Is Vegan Dogfood Really Healthy For My Dog?

You might ask yourself, is vegan dogfood really healthy for my Dog. More and more dog owners are letting their pets eat exclusive vegan meals.

– Vegan owners are making their pet dogs go for a vegan diet too.
– Some people think this might not be a responsible thing to do.
– Experts settle the issue once and for all.

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It’s prove – dogs need protein supplements in order for them to have a complete and balanced diet. Their muscles and body simply demand this form of nutrition and the lack of it can lead to malnutrition or it could even stunt their growth.

So what happens when a dog owner forces a vegan diet to its pet?

There are a lot of criticisms surrounding this issue. For the pet owners, of course, they only mean well for their pets. However, for other people who don’t approve of it, they turn to experts to support their stand.

Experts recommend an alternative source of protein should dog owners really want their pets to stay away from fresh meat.

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