An Unpleasant Encounter Between Two Dog Owners!

Two strangers met in the park and it was not a pleasant thing to see. It was a confrontation between a dog owner and a man in a park in New York.

– Amy Cooper and Christian Cooper may both have the same last name but they are not related.
– The two are strangers who met by accident in a park in New York.
– Their meeting was not pleasant and it even caused a great stir in the social media.

According to Amy Cooper, she felt harassed by a guy that she met in a park in New York. The guy, unknown to her, was Christian Cooper – who was an African-American resident of the city. Amy Cooper was taking her dog out for a walk and many people witnessed that she wasn’t that responsible while in the park that time and that she was even accused of being a bad pet owner when videos of the encounter surfaced online.

It was Amy Cooper who called the cops to report Christian Cooper. The accused Christian Cooper defended himself and the entire fiasco became so big that even New York’s very own Mayor was involved later on.

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