Man Fined $880 While Walking Dog!

When someone breaks the law, they have to pay for it – through money or imprisonment.

– A man in Britannia was minding his own business and walking with his dog.
– It ended up with more than $800 worth of fine.
– Raising dogs can be pretty expensive, there are so many unexpected payables.

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Raising a dog is pretty much like raising a kid, some say that’s just about right. Some might say that it’s more difficult to raise a dog or that it’s more difficult to raise a kid – whichever is true would depend on one’s personal experience.

However, one thing that people can agree on is that dogs are expensive to raise. There are so many things that require money when bringing up a dog – and there are also unexpected expenses that can pop up of nowhere!

Just like this man from Britannia who was just walking his dog in a closed park, he claims he had no that it was not even allowed to pass through that closed park. There was a mild argument with the law-enforcer, but in the end, the dog owner paid almost $1000 in fine.

Horrifying, right?

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