Dog Attacks: TWO Elderly Women DEAD

Under normal circumstances, dogs are by nature good, sweet, and obedient. However, there will times when they may misbehave and it’s definitely not a pleasant sight to see them that way.

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– A 70-year-old woman from Chicago was attacked by a dog.
– When the news broke, it broke so many dog lovers’ hearts too!
– People are wondering what triggered the dog to be so aggressive.

It was almost noon when an elderly woman from suburban Chicago was brutally attacked by a huge dog. The said attack gave the elder woman’s fragile body some serious injuries and the blood loss was also severe, which in the end resulted to the death of the old woman. The autopsy made it clear that the attack was pure accident and that the dog was not solely to be blamed for the unfortunate incident.

The dog that attacked the woman was a French bulldog. According to the coroner, it was the woman’s fragile state that made it impossible for her to survive the mauling.

Aside from this incident, another incident of the same nature was also reported in another area in Chicago.

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