TWO Dogs Left Inside A Car, Unattended, DIES!

Leaving dogs inside a parked car with no proper ventilation has caused so much debate in America over the past years. Recently, TWO dogs died when their owner left them in the car.

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– The incident happened in High Ridge, Missouri.
– Two dogs were left inside a car while their owner went for a class.
– The ironic thing was, the owner was attending a dog training class.

Two dogs – a labrador and a german shepherd, were left inside an unattended car for approximately 90 minutes. The owner was reportedly convinced that the car airconditioning system was turned on before leaving the car and the dogs to attend a class that afternoon. However, because of some unexplainable circumstances, the car’s airconditioning stopped and it led to the suffocation of the two pet animals.

The car was said to have been parked right in front of a dog training class, and that was where the car owner was said to be going. So basically, he left two of his dogs inside the car to attend a dog training class.

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