TWENTY ONE Puppies In One Birth! WOW!

How many puppies does one mother dog usually give birth to?

– Puppies are always good news.
– When dogs give birth, it is such a delight to its owner.
– The number of puppies may vary, but one dog made a record-breaking litter!

In Australia, a Neopolitan mastiff recently gave birth to a bunch of puppies – specifically TWENTY ONE!

The owners knew that the dog was pregnant. Like most dogs, of course, multiple pregnancies were already expected… BUT not this much was expected! The owners were overwhelmed to find out. The dog had to undergo a C-section due to some complications that may surface during the process.

All these wonderful things happened inside Brisbane’s Underwood Hospital. The veterinarians and all the staff in the animal hospital were also caught by such wonderful surprise that they had to document the moment.

Several videos surfaced and it was indeed a wonderful day in Australia for the loving pet owners.

Watch the video here –