This Cool Dog Can Understand Human Language?


Training dogs is not easy, but when they learn new things, it’s simply amazing. When dogs follow their trainers, it seems like the most amazing thing because dogs can sometimes be the most stubborn creatures on Earth.

According to a prominent canine researcher Stanly Coren through American Psychological Association (APA), an ordinary dog can learn 165 words while the smartest dogs can learn 250 words.

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– Dogs can be very obedient and follow commands.
– Dogs can also be very naughty and ignore whatever you say to them.
– Training dogs is not easy but it’s very satisfying.

When they are being obedient, they are the most angelic creatures though. Aside from being sweet and adorable, dogs are also very smart.

In fact, they are smart enough to understand our language – yes, the human language! Imagine that. We can’t even find a way to understand their barks, yet they found a way to understand what we’re saying.

 a dog with mouth open looking on the side as if talking and understanding human words or language

One dog named Scooter just proves how smart dogs can be. This good boy is able to understand around 1,022 words in the human vocabulary.

Technically speaking though, Scooter really can’t understand his trainer, since he’s just taking cues from his trainer’s gestures and rewards.