Cruel Thieves Steal Newborn Puppies Away From Their Mother

Thieves tried to rob a family in Stretford then later decided to steal a one-day-old pup instead.

– The robbers tried to take as much cash as they could from the family.
– There were not many valuables or cash inside the house during the robbery.
– The thieves tried to use the newborn puppy as a hostage to escape their crime.

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Two armed men forced their way inside a quiet little home in Stretford, where a six-month pregnant woman and her child were busy about doing their own business. The thieves attempted to steal as many things as they can from the house but ended up being disappointed. They help a knife against the pregnant woman, but to no avail, did not get any more than what they already saw.

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The robbers, later on, saw a newborn French Bulldog litter and decided to get their hands-full of them, just so they have something of value to bring with them.

According to Greater Manchester Police, the thieves got a total of eight one-day-old puppies who still needed breast milk feeding from their mother.

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