Strangers Saved Helpless Dog In Canal

muddy dog


~ A man was having a stroll when his dog fell into the canal

~ A group of kind strangers joined forces to rescue the trapped dog


A supposed to be normal day for strolling along the Ancoats Canal in the United Kingdom has turned into a struggle to survive as a desperate dog clings for dear life. Unable to climb up the steep canal walls all by himself, the poor dog was only being held up from the murky water by his owner who was dangerously gripping him by his leash.


Luckily some students were passing by and upon realizing what was going on, got closer to help. Although the rescue was a bit of a challenge, the good Samaritans managed to pull up the distressed pet as more passers-by came to help.


Watch the video to find out how the kindhearted strangers rescued the struggling dog.

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