Stolen Tiny Puppy Reunited With Owner After Months

Buddy is an 11-month-old rottweiler puppy, who was stolen from his owners last month.

– The tragic story started when a barely-adult rottweiler was taken from his home.
– The dog was just playing within the backyard of their home in Brisbane.
– The owners will never forget what happened because it was the most painful month in their life.

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Buddy is a good dog who was just minding his own business and playing around their backyard in Ipswich when some robbers intentionally went in the property to get the puppy and make it their own.

The puppy was abducted last March 3 and there was not a clue where the puppy was taken. The family was left with nothing more than a broken fence and a broken heart from the incident. It is really tragic, and this is what dog owners are so afraid of.

For this story, the good thing is that it ended in a happy note because the dog was eventually found in one of the residences in a distant locality in Redbanks Plains, where it was kept by another family as their own pet.

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