Stolen Dog From Dementia Patient Safely Back Home?

A dementia patient in London received a Shih-Tzu puppy as a gift from her son, but it was stolen.

– Four months have passed since an elderly woman’s heart was broken.
– The woman is a dementia patient, who lives alone in a facility in London.
– The Shih-Tzu puppy was a gift from her son and held so many sentimental values.

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An elderly woman who had dementia was a victim of a plain robbery in London. The thieves, however, did not just get any ordinary object or money from the victim, they took away her only companion – a Shih-Tzu puppy.

The victim was said to be living in a neighborhood in east London when suddenly her puppy did not return home to her one afternoon after letting it out in the yard. The woman has dementia and was given a puppy by her son a few months back, to serve as her companion.

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Four months have passed since the disappearance of the puppy and it was finally recovered when someone called the son for a tip about the whereabouts of the lost puppy, who was claimed in a dog pound and finally reunited with its owner after months of being away.

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