Special Needs Dog Found Her Perfect Match

special needs dog found her perfect match troydog.com

IHOP was a small two-legged special needs dog with a big personality. Her previous owners wanted to euthanize this poor puppy but Duke and Steph fell in love with her and decided to take care of her instead.

With her special needs, IHOP needed friends so she would not feel lonely. However, introducing different dogs to her only seemed to hurt her self-esteem as she was struggling to cope with her disability.  Then everything changed when Waffles, the handicapped Great Dane became part of their family. Their connection was instantaneous. This could be attributed to the fact that they may have felt like they were on the same boat as Waffles was unable to walk properly and needed a wheelchair for handicapped dogs. Watch the heartwarming story of IHOP and Waffles as they formed a special bond and became best friends for life.

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How to Take Care of Special Needs Dog

People often think that caring for disabled pets entails a bigger responsibility compared to normal dogs. Nevertheless, these vulnerable pets can still live a happy and healthy life with your love and support. Here are some ways you can assist a special needs dog or puppy.

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1. Understand your dog’s special needs

If you have plans of fostering or adopting a disabled dog, you are not just making a difference in that dog’s life but your life will also change (for the better) as well. Caring for these dogs may entail extra effort from you as you need to tend to your new dog’s special needs. In addition, these awesome dogs would need extra love and support as they redevelop their self-esteem. So it is highly recommended that you prepare yourself and do your research on their specific needs (assistive devices or disability aids such as a puppy stroller or dog wheelchair). But other than that, they require the same basic needs such as food, shelter, and attention.

2. Establish a routine

Follow a schedule of daily activities so your disabled puppy or dog will know what to expect during the day. Without a doubt, this will help them settle and get comfortable in their new home.

special needs dog with disability walking together with senior dog troydog.com

3. Exercise

Special needs dogs should not be restricted to do exercise. In fact, their physical conditions should not hinder them from getting lots of exercises. For instance, a morning walk to a park to socialize with other dogs can be a great idea. Otherwise, walking around the neighborhood is recommended initially if your dog is not keen on having playmates yet. For a dog in a wheelchair, a simple stroll in the backyard every morning can encourage your shy pet to go outside and play. In addition, the afternoon can be saved for indoor playtime or bonding with you. As a matter of fact, any type of activity will do. What matters most is being consistent so your handicapped dog would feel secure and comfortable.

4. Do targeted training activities

Targeted training activities offer a lot of benefits, especially for physically handicapped dogs. Not only will these help them strengthen their bodies but they will also keep these limited mobility dogs fit and healthy despite their conditions. Such actions include water therapy, stretching, and light massages. Be sure to give dog or puppy treats as rewards for their efforts.

5. Create a safe place

Special needs dogs may also require unique arrangements at home to ensure they are safe especially when left alone at home during the day. Home modifications may be necessary to accommodate the needs of your disabled pet. For instance, non-slip flooring and ramps can help dogs with mobility issues move around safely and easily. Moreover, safety gates, baby monitors, home security systems, and additional barriers or fences can be used to monitor them while you are away as well as protect them from potential external dangers.

safety gate for stairs for special needs dog with disability troydog.com

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6. Be patient

Your love, attention, and patience are extremely important aspects in taking care of these less fortunate pets. Newly adopted little puppies crying at night is all too common as these pups are experiencing separation anxiety. Add to that, they are still coming to terms with regard to their limitations. What you can do is give your new best friend time to adjust to accepting their disability and provide a supportive environment for them to help them increase their self-esteem. They will surely appreciate all your efforts through lots of kisses and cuddles.

special needs dog on a wheelchair playing at the beach troydog.com

7. Be creative and have fun

Looking after a handicapped dog can be challenging at times but it can also be loads of fun. Spend a day at the beach and let your furry friend play in the water. Another option is setting up a playdate with their handicapped dog friends and having a wheelie dog race. If you prefer to stay at home, you can turn your backyard into a dog play gym or outdoor obstacle course. Or provide your pup with interactive toys for mental stimulation. Make every day a National Dog Day by doing these activities.

Having special needs dogs as pets will surely have its ups and downs. However, knowing you can change their lives and give them a chance to have a happy and healthy life can definitely make it all worth it. In addition, with your love and support, these remarkable dogs will have a family they can call their own and get to live as normal as possible. That is all that we are hoping for them – to have a happy and loving home.