Soccer Superstar’s Dog In Critical Condition

Dogs can get into different kinds of accidents, especially since they are always active.

– Hope Solo is a famous soccer superstar.
– Currently, her dog is admitted to a vet, due to a shooting accident.
– Her dog is a Doberman and it’s indeed a tragic thing what happened to it.

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Dogs run around everywhere, with seemingly no care at all about their safety and even about their health! This makes dogs very prone to accidents that can ultimately threaten their health.

A different and more dangerous accident happened to soccer superstar Hope Solo’s dog, as it was accidentally shot and became a victim of gun violence. The news broke when Hope Solo herself posted it in his Instagram account last Thursday.

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The soccer superstar has been restless since I mean, who wouldn’t be restless knowing that your dog lies in an animal clinic in critical condition with a bullet hole in its body.

The incident happened in North Carolina. Hope Solo and her husband are still in shock after the incident and are hoping for justice to be served.

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