Rescue dog adopted by a celebrity

French bulldog rescue dog sleeping

Rescue Dog Pulling Our Heartstrings!

Every rescue dog has gone through a lot. Despite the unconditional love they give to their owners, these canines have been abandoned, neglected, or abused. However, these rescue dogs deserve to have a better life.

Some dogs are lucky to find their forever homes the first time while other pooches are not so lucky. At the same time, there are dogs that get a second chance of having a good life and finding a forever home despite their imperfections. Take, for example, Boo who was born with a cleft palate and was rescued by NorCal Bully Breed Rescue. Who can resist his adorable little face and sassy personality?


Adoption of a rescue dog

Dog adoption is becoming a more popular practice, even for celebrities.


  • Rescue dogs are one of the most loyal dogs you could ever have.
  • Dogs are so cute that no one can resist them. Even celebrities are such huge fans of these adorable pooches.
  • A celebrity just adopted her 3rd rescue puppy and the internet went crazy for it.

Adopting a dog is one of the best decisions you could ever make. In other words, imagine changing the life of one innocent little furbaby, while at the same time, changing your life as well – for the better, of course.Β There is something warm and comforting whenever we see them around our house. And sure enough, we also bring the same amount of warmth and fuzzy feeling to them, as evident by the ceaseless tail wags and wet kisses.

Sloppy kisses, anyone?

A dog rescued by a celebrity

Dogs have a certain way of getting into our hearts. We let them into our homes, and they end up occupying our entire couch. As time goes by, we may not notice it, but they are already becoming an important member of the family. Just like Hollywood celebrity Jennifer Anniston, who recently adopted her 3rd rescue dog. The lucky all-white Great Pyrenees pup was named Lord Chester and is now the newly adopted fur siblings of Clyde and Sophie.

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No matter where the dogs come from, these canines deserve all the love and affection as they bring so much joy and positively affect their pet owners’ lives.