Read THIS Before Going To Another Dog Park!

When owners want to reward their dogs, their reflex is to take them to a dog park.

– Dog parks are actually nice for a dog owner’s perspective.
– The place looks like dog heaven with so many playing areas.
– There are even so many dogs to play with every time you visit these dog parks!

So, what makes a dog park a BAD IDEA when thinking of good quality bonding time with your beloved dog?

The reasons might surprise you! But according to experts, dog owners should as much as possible stay away from these dog parts because it is a very conducive place for getting two things: (1) a dog fight… (2) an infection.

Dog fights can be very common in dog parks and the injuries sustained from these dog fights are usually no joke – some are even fatal. A lot of dogs have died due to an accident that happened inside a dog park and the statistics don’t lie.

As for the infection, keep in mind that those play areas are rarely – or NEVER – sterilized frequently. This, making it a good breeding ground for bacteria and viruses that can be passed on from one dog to another.

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