Raw Meat – Good Or Bad For Dogs? Find Out!

A dog lover shares details of her experience when she transitioned her pet’s food to a raw diet. It isn’t an easy process, but is it worth it?

– Courtney Durepo is a dog lover, who tried and became successful in introducing a raw diet to her pet.
– She admits that the transition takes time and a lot of patience.
– Durepo has no regrets with the changes she made and highly recommends it even.

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Shifting a pet’s diet can be a tedious process. You need to make sure they stay healthy and that their systems do not reject the changes that are being introduced to them, so it must be done slowly but surely.

Courtney Durepo is an event planner, and she is a dog lover by heart. She studied and researched about a raw diet because she wanted to apply it to her own dog. When she felt that her dog was ready for the transition, she began the process.

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Read Courtney Durepo’s full interview here – https://www.medicalnewstoday.com.