Raising A Dog vs Raising A Teenager

“Dogs are like teenagers”, would you agree to this statement?

– Pet owners all over the world have likened raising a dog to raising a teenager.
– Though not everyone agrees with this claim.
– Find out what makes teenagers so different and so the same.

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If you’ve ever tried raising a dog, then you might have a say and a stand on the on-going comparison that’s been circulating the internet lately. What comparison? It’s the likening of people to raising dogs with raising teenagers!

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If you’ve raised teenagers before and you also own a dog, then your opinion on this is legit since you’ve experienced both situations. Some people would prefer to own pets than to have kids, while some people vice versa… then there are the people who can handle both – kids and pet dogs at the same time.

How do they do this? There’s no secret formula in raising dogs or in raising kids. The main thing that you have to remember is that you have to communicate one thing to them – that is the language of LOVE.

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