Puppy Love At First Sight

couple of dogs in love close and cozy together

Is puppy love a thing in the dog world?

Is puppy love real? Can dogs fall in love? Research says yes definitely, but not in a human romantic way that you normally see in the movies. They can form a special bond with their owners and other animals. This can be attributed to oxytocin or the love hormone, which relates to social behavior, relationships, and connection to others. It is that warm fuzzy feeling that makes your heart beat faster and loved-up.

Watch as Luffy the dog gets lovestruck while at the waiting area of a veterinarian’s lobby. His huge smile and twinkling eyes say it all. Puppy love indeed.

Dog love is real

The unconditional love that our dog gives us is contagious and makes us also become better persons. Just like the former train employee who rescued stray dogs and let them ride a dog train. Although a well-known celebrity already has dogs, this famous star adopted a rescue dog and offered him a forever home and newfound family. Not only are they saving the lives of these poor dogs, but they are also making a contribution to the community through their good deeds. On top of that, having a dog has a lot of benefits for your health and well-being.

puppy love - bottom view of man holding a dog in his arms

Puppy Scale of Emotions

Dogs may not talk the same language as humans but man’s best friend shows the same emotions as we do. As pet owners, you can tell if they are happy, sad, excited, disappointed, or angry just by looking at their body language. Moreover, sometimes they already know something way before we do. These smart animals sure have lots of special abilities.  How about you? How are you feeling today?

puppy scale of emotions

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