Puppies playing with big Dogs ( Video )

Adorable puppies try the patience of older dogs. All these puppies want to do is play. Watch cute pups try to make friends with older bigger dogs. Try not to laugh or say aww!

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If you want to improve communication with your puppy, you should improve your body language. For example: If you squat down and spread your arms wide, that is a sign of welcome.

However, if you bend over him from above and stare at him, he’ll perceive that as a threat. Your puppy will watch your body language more closely than he’ll listen to you. And he’ll quickly learn to interpret your feelings – without you having to say anything.

Dogs can recognize the size of another dog by its growl. Dogs have three eyelids. And they can see colors. However, their colour perception is similar to that of a person who is red-green colour blind.