Dog Fetch Game – How to Play the Lazy Way

dog is lazy to play fetch gameThe lazy way to play the fetch game with your dog

Is your dog asking you to play a fetch game but you are too lazy to do so? Or do you want your canine best friend to play with you but is too lazy to move? Here is something for you to try. A dog owner found a clever way to keep his dog entertained while not exerting too much effort. Watch as the dynamic (or should it be static?) duo play a too-lazy-to-move-and-run-around-to-chase-the-ball game of fetch.

Importance of Playing with your Dog

However, it is important to note that playing with your dog not only keeps your dog happy but also helps you to reduce stress and anxiety. Aside from the fact that it can strengthen the bond between you and your canine best friend, the activity can also lift up your spirits, energize your soul and improve your health and well-being.happy senior woman with her dogs on couch inside of her house

Here are 5 tips to consider when playing with your dog:

1. Be the boss and let your dog know that you set the rules and decide which games to play and when to stop. Dogs can be overly excited to play but you should be firm when giving commands. If they get too difficult to handle, take a break until they settle down. You can also stop immediately and try the game at another time.

2. Be patient when teaching a new game. It will take a bit of time before your dog understands the rules of the game. Break the instructions into simple steps. Give enough time for your furry friend to process each step before moving on to the next treats sign showing canine rewards or snacks

3. Praise your dog companion when it does a task well and don’t forget to give rewards. This is particularly important when teaching a new game or activity to your pooch. In saying that, rewards do not always have to be treats or snacks. Other alternative options can be a cuddle or a favorite toy.

4. Choose games that can help your dog companion to learn impulse control. Such examples are retrieval or go find games. Avoid games such as tug of war or combat play that promote aggressiveness such as biting or pulling.

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5. Last but not least, have fun. There are no strict rules to follow. Let love be your guide because you know your dog better than anyone. The most important thing is that you and your pooch bond, spend time together, and create memories that will last forever.