Can A Dog and Cat Debate Reopening America?

Are you spending more time at home? Find out what your pet dog thinks about it!

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– On a normal day, most dog owners are not home during weekends – due to work.
– Very rarely though, dog owners get the chance to stay home the entire day.
– Find out if your pets are happy when you’re staying home with them.

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How long do you usually spend your time at home? If you are like most workers who spend most of their time at work plus the travel time to and from work, then the remaining hours that you have at home probably range between 8-12 hours only. These hours include sleep time. It boils down to less than 5 waking hours then, that you are active and up while staying home.

When the time comes that you stay home longer than usual – for daysssssss… your pets are probably wondering, WHY!

Well, if you’re wondering how your pet dogs feel about your extended stay home (with them), the answer is obvious – they LOVE it!

Just be careful though when you go back to work again. Separation anxiety is real, and it could affect both you and your pet dog!

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