Pessimism in Pets – What Causes It?

How we handle our dogs when they do something bad is sometimes more important than how we handle them when they do something good. There are two possible reactions, either we punish them or reward them.

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– Dogs are generally good creatures.
– More often than not, they are cooperative and they know how to follow instructions well.
– Owners have varied ways of reacting to dogs when they misbehave or do bad things unintentionally.

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As dog owners, one of the things we want to instill in our dogs is a great discipline. It takes a lot of training to make a dog get used to commands and to ensure that they can follow through. In fact, even when they get to do one command now, there may be some times that they can forget and lapse or fail to follow. This instance can cause frustrations to owners. Some take it lightly, while some take it too personally and think that their dogs are disobeying them intentionally. Creating a gap between the owner and the pet.

Punishment is one way that dog owners react when their pet dogs fail to follow them. According to research, punishing to discipline dogs may look effective in the immediate perspective but in the long run, it can create pessimistic pets dogs. This can cause dogs to have a negative mindset and it can hinder them from being carefree. It’s not something any pet lover would want for his or her dog.

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