Famous Opera Singer Serenades Pet Dog

An opera singer from Malta was scheduled to have a concert tour but was canceled.

– There are so many plans and events these past years that didn’t push through.
– No one is excepted from the pandemic.
– Even concerts and movies are all postponed.

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The ongoing community quarantine has made people stay inside their homes for months. Within that period of time, a lot of things have been canceled such as movies, classes, work, games, celebrations, and even concerts.

However, this did not stop performers from doing what they love to do – which is to perform!

An opera singer from Malta decided to capture some videos of himself performing a serenade for his favorite friend – his pet dog.

The video was so adorable that fans just kept sharing it until it went viral. Entertainment is very useful in today’s time. This helps lessen the anxiety of people when they have nothing to do at home.

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