Oil Company Owner Creates Amazing Robot Dog

Dogs are good guardians, that’s a given fact. However, they have limitations such as their stamina and since they are not perfect, they can get distracted too.

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– A famous Norwegian oil company, Aker BP, is known for its innovative designs.
– One of the latest innovations that its owners created is a robot dog.
– The main purpose of the robot dog was to patrol the streets of Norway and to guard at night.

Fit for its name, the latest robot dog created by Norwegian oil company Aker BP is called SPOT. The owners knew the importance of having dogs in their property, to ensure safety and to have a constant guard even at night. Due to the limitations, a real-life dog may have, such as limited stamina, possible distraction, limited running speed, and even being a bit too friendly; the new robot dogs offer a fool-proof way of protecting properties with absolutely no flaws or limitations.

During the debut of the robot dogs on the streets of Norway, it was claimed that it can run almost 3 to 5 times faster than a real-life dog can. The stamina of the robot dog is also unquestionable, as it has a very powerful battery pack that does not easily drain out. SPOT can be controlled remotely, giving vision to the people who monitor him from afar. Last but now the least, it is also guaranteed to never get distracted during its shifts, thus making it a great guard 24/7 and all week long.

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