NO Service Pets Allowed – EXCEPT DOGS! Is This Discrimination???

Over time, more and more people who have varied disabilities turn to service animals for help.

– Service animals are the best.
– These are specially-trained animals who are so smart they act as a medical aid for their owner.
– Service animals have expanded into many kinds of animals due to the high demands of time.

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Historically speaking, dogs were the first service animals who made it through rigorous training which involved so many disciplinary measures which only good boys like dogs could ever pass.

Lately, though, people are beginning to explore the possibility of using other pet animals to service their medical needs, just like a service dog would. The good news here is that owners can start to choose what animals they are most comfortable with to service them.

However, it is important to know that most airlines only allow service DOGS and no other service animals onboard planes or inside the airport premise itself.

Find out the reason for this policy from this article here –