Newborn Puppy Comes Out GREEN – Shocked Owners Had A Funny Name In Mind!

It is every dog owner’s delight when their pet dog gives birth.

– A North Carolina family was in for a huge surprise!
– Their German Shephard dog was pregnant and due to give birth.
– All the puppies came out normal and healthy – except for one strangely-colored pupper.

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Dog owners were both shocked and amazed when the fourth puppy of their German Shephard dog, named Gypsy, came out all green and slimy. While Gypsy was giving birth, the family was excited and anticipating a very happy ending. Thus, they documented the entire process.

The first puppy until the third puppy came out normal-looking and all healthy, just like the mother… the unexpected twist came when the fourth puppy came out and it was lime green in color – it even appears to glow in the dark!

The owners were worried at first but were consoled by the answers that they found online. It turns out to be scientifically normal and it can even happen, though at rare circumstances, it is possible and there is nothing wrong with the dog!

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In the end, the owners had a funny name in mind – find out here –