Why Is My Dog Sometimes TOO Anxious?

An anxious dog is not a happy dog. When dogs are always frightened, it could be due to an underlying reason.

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– Being a dog owner entails so much responsibility.
– You have to balance disciplining your dog and allowing it to enjoy.
– Dogs are dogs, there’s a think line that separates their attitude from us humans.

According to experts, dog owners who make are too cautious and who restrain their dogs from adequate socialization tend to raise dogs who are angst-driven.

On the other hand, dogs who have exposure to other dogs and who get enough playtime with other dogs are likely to have happier and less anxious adult dogs.

Anxiety in dogs can sometimes be difficult to observe, but the commons signs are an unstable dog reaction and too much sensitivity of dogs even in small things. When dogs are anxious they feel as though there is trouble always lurking around.

This isn’t a normal reaction for dos, even when they are domesticated.

Find out how to keep your dogs stress-free and away from anxiety in this article – https://www.scientificamerican.com.