How To Handle Difficult Dogs Easy?

Puppies are such a curious and playful creatures, this is evident with this little pup that got itself stuck in the most unlikely of places!

– Holly, now known as “Curious Holly”, moved to a new house in Kent.
– Like a normal new-comer, Curious Holly went around the new property and explored her surroundings.
– Unfortunately, Curious Holly got itself stuck in the most unlikely places!

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Where did she get stuck?
Did she make it out safe and alive?

These are probably the first questions that you have in mind when you hear the news about Curious Holly.

She is a 12-week-old boxer puppy and her owners just moved into their new house in Ashford. Like any newbie, the puppy got curious and went around exploring her new surrounding.

Like they all say, “it’s all fun and games… until someone gets hurt!”

And hurt she got indeed! Unfortunately, she got herself stuck in the middle of a VERY tight place: in between the walls of their new house and their new neighbor’s house!

It’s really a fun way to get stuck! How she got out of it both crazy and amazing to see! The Kent County Firefighters were very efficient in getting her out safely, which made her and her owners really thankful for these brave gentlemen!

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