Meet Paul Rudd’s Canine Look-Alike

sideview australian shepherd mix canine look-alike


~ An Australian Shepherd mix got viral thanks to his Paul Rudd looks and personality

~ The Tennessee Animal Shelter hoped to get Paul Rudd to adopt his shelter dog counterpart

~ Pawl Ruff finally found his forever home






 Waffle House, also known as Pawl Ruff, became famous when Tennessee Animal Shelter posted a side by side comparison between the Antman, Paul Rudd and his canine look-alike. Needless to say, it blew up and people were commenting on how the two indeed looked so much alike. They could not believe that a dog would have the same facial expressions and personality as the famous actor.


The animal shelter believed that Pawl Ruff was meant to be adopted by Paul Rudd. Although the MCU actor had no social media accounts, the people taking care of the now famous dog was able to reach him through Antman.

Several applications came through as the shelter dog’s popularity rose. Even though the original plan did not come to fruition, Pawl Ruff managed to find a family and place that he can call home. It is indeed a happy ending after all.

Watch the story of the adorable pooch on the video below:

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