Am I Making My Dog Sick?

Naturally, dog illness rarely crosses over to us humans – and vice versa.

– More and more diseases are surfacing to be zoonotic in nature.
– There are new diseases in the new century that has never been encountered in the past.
– The fear of crossing over diseases between humans and animals is now becoming more real.

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As much as we don’t want to get sick because of our pet dogs, we also don’t want them to get sick because of us. The good thing is that it’s really unlikely for humans and animals to infect each other.

However, recently a new virus strain is circulating and it seems to be affecting humans with serious health threats, with a good possibility of getting transmitted to animals as well – specifically to dogs.

A second case is even confirmed in Hong Kong of a new strain of a virus that affects the human respiratory system, which now seems to be capable of crossing over to dogs as dogs seem to get sick too when exposed to infected humans.

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