Loyal Dog Travelled 240 Miles Back To Owner (Video)

Updated Oct 9, 2021

dog in bed

Why are dogs loyal to their owners?

Dogs are loyal by character. This can be attributed to the bond between a dog and owner which is unbelievably strong and has a history together for over 15 thousand years. Safe to say, that is the reason why dogs seem to find their way back home despite the distance. Learn the story of Pero the cute doggie who has journeyed 240 miles to go back to its original owner.

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Loyal dog going home

It was a long journey home but the fearless dog pushed on. How the brave and determined pooch managed to survive and know where to go is quite a mystery. But its love and loyalty for its beloved owner served as its guide to know which way to go. In addition, faith, luck, and humans might have helped him along the way as owners believed that the do-gooders probably fed the traveling canine throughout its adventure. In saying that, the travel took him about two weeks and the owner found his furry best friend sitting down on their front doorstep and back to where he came from.  As a result, Pero had proved his intense loyalty to his owner who promised to keep him forever.