This Latest Discovery On Dog Ability Will Surely Surprise You!

Dogs are good in so many things, they have good sniffing skills, they can run fast, and they can even read human emotions most of the time. There’s a new finding that suggests another ability that dogs are capable of doing.

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– One of the most remarkable things about dogs is their ability to smell.
– Also, dogs are very loyal, making them great companions for police service.
– Recently, dogs are found to have another ability which makes them even more talented!

The latest findings reveal that dogs have the ability to detect body heat. In recent studies, dogs were tested and it was concluded that aside from their super-sensitive sense of smell, these furry creatures are also super good in detecting body heat as well, even with no direct contact! Meaning, dogs may just be able to “see” things that the bare human eyes just can’t.

Detecting body heat can be very useful especially for special missions in the police service. This enables the dog, as the K9 unit, and the police to detect persons who are possibly hiding from the task force. Aside from this, it also means that there’s a possibility that this newly-discovered dog ability could be the very reason why dogs are very good at their job in search and rescue.

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