Who Will Keep The Dog After A Break Up?

Many couples, whether married or not yet, take in a dog and it becomes a big part of the relationship.

– Breakups are messy enough already.
– It boils down to who gets what after the split.
– Material things are difficult to divide, what more for pet dogs.

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When a couple decides to end a relationship, the most affected ones are children – but if there are no children involved, pets (if there are any) are the most affected ones. It boils down to who gets to keep the pet. So, to give couples an idea – an article is written to answer who exactly keeps a pet after a messy breakup?

Usually, if the couple is not yet married, it will depend on who brought the dog. So whoever she the cash to get the dog, or whoever initiated the adoption will get to keep the dog. For married couples though, the ending may be a bit different if no one wants to back down.

If both parties want to keep the dog, it may end up with joint custody — Afterall, the dog has no say about the matter since it can’t talk or signify which side it wants to take.

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Read more about this legal matter in this article – https://www.nytimes.com.