Is it normal for dogs to chase their tails?


Why do dogs chase their tails?

It is normal dog behavior to see dogs chase their tails but there could be several varying reasons behind their tail obsession.

The Tale of Dog Tail Chasing, Explained… Finally!

Ever seen your dog go into an endless chase… with its tail?

  • Dogs are curious creatures by nature.
  • They love to run around and chase anything — literally, whatever they can find that is moving!
  • Even their tails seem to interest them all the time!

It’s not new to us all, and all dog owners have most likely seen their dogs do the one thing that can keep dogs occupied for quite a while and that is tail chasing. If the reason behind this movement is a mystery to you, then read on, and find out the explanation for it all.

Form of play for dogs

Dr. Pete is a professional vet and even he can’t guarantee the real reason behind tail chasing in dogs. However, his best professional guess is that dogs do this simply because it’s fun! I’m not at all surprised by this, of course, dogs are the most fun-loving creatures on Earth. So it’s totally understandable if they do something (for long periods of time!) just for the mere fun of it!

Dogs find it amusing when they chase their tails, besides the fact that your canine best friends like doing it so much.  Your dog may suddenly notice its tail and would go round and round in circles trying to catch it. Since puppies are relatively more curious and everything (including their tails) is new to them, these pups tend to do it more often than older dogs.

When Boredom Strikes

On the other hand, tail-chasing can also happen when they feel bored and are finding ways to entertain themselves. Plus, there are other weird things as well as relaxing things your canine friends do.

dog chases tail, goes to the vet for check up
Contact the vet immediately for repetitive tail-chasing

Frequent tail-chasing and tail-biting can be serious

It can be a cause of concern if your dog is not only chasing its tail but also biting it. What pet owners can do is redirect the dogs’ attention or give firm commands such as “stop” or “come”. Making them stop at the onset can prevent the tail-biting habit from getting worse.

Of course, Dr. Pete reminds dog owners to visit their vet as soon as possible, especially if the tail chasing is getting way too frequent that it looks like the dog is trying to bite its own tail, or if there are injuries in the area that causes the impulsive action.

Other than that, dog tail chasing is really all just about fun, and as long as your dog looks happy and satisfied during and after doing it, then all is well, dog parents!

Watch the amusing story of dog tail chasing in this informative video: